The Man on the Moon that
Nostradamus Prophesized

Image of His Holiness RA Gohar Shahi on the Moon
Image of H.H. Ra Gohar shahi on the moon

The identity of the man in the moon, prophesized by Michael Nostradamus,
is revealed!

There is a man on the Moon, He is wearing a silver gown. The Sagittarian will rise from the moon. (Michael Nostradamus)

The Myth is solved. The face on the Moon is that of the Promised Messiah, the Saviour of Humanity.

He is the unifier. He shall spiritually revolutionise the whole of the world. The whole of Humanity will look up to him as the world approaches its End. He shall embrace all humanity into the fold of Divine Love. He shall fight against the enemies of Humanity. He shall defeat the terror, and restore eternal peace. He shall defeat the Anti Christ.

He shall not propagate any religion for except Divine Love and Global Peace. He shall root out hatred. His Teachings shall be honoured and adopted by all human beings open-heartedly.

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